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Bold, unapologetic storytelling

NEON ZOO is a full-service independent animation studio run by award-winning director Elyse Kelly.

We champion story first and foremost. Taking the time to fully understand your content opens the doors for us to express it in the most beautiful and effective way possible.

Animation is a medium, not a genre. Our studio embraces that mindset by creating a place where both conventional and unconventional ideas can thrive and grow into incredible things for our clients. At the end of the day, anything is possible, and we’ll work with you to determine the best fit for your story.

Are you ready to make some noise with us?

Our team

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Our team is built from artists the world over; we hand-select the best creatives for each project to effectively deliver quality content to global clients. We’ve worked hard to cultivate the very best talent in the industry and, together, craft meaningful and creative work. Here are some of our fiercest collaborators:

Sam Bass, Anna Bron, Jason Carpenter, Flora Caulton, Sanjana Chandrasekhar, Cynthia Chu, Naghmeh Farzaneh, Dan Fipphen, Martha Halliday, Joumana Ismail, Aira Joana, Elyse Kelly, Eric Larson, Christine Le, Marta Lemos, Chris Mastellone, Rohan McDonald, Hannah McNally, Ana Mouyis, David Navas, Jason Pomerantz, Sara Spink, Dena Springer

Our Clients

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