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Short film

Upside Down

Follow Ava as she helps every one get ready for a show and figure out all their problems by turning them upside down! An original short for Sesame Studios.

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accolades & Press

You've got no limits, upside down


It's all about perspective

Writer & Director 
Elyse Kelly

Commissioned by
Sesame Workshop

Shelkar Dorji as “Ava”

Composer & Lyricist
Jason Pomerantz 

Art director
Naghmeh Farzaneh

Lead animator 
Olga Makarchuk

Miss Lopez
Ambar Torres

Mr. Green 
Steve Lefever

Jeremy the Snail
Arthur Rehner

Maggie the Drummer
Maggie Nelson

Chloe the Trumpet player 
Sabrina Glow

Sam the Flutist 
Mila Dorji

Color & Cleanup
Nazli Cem
Hannah Churn
Naghmeh Farzaneh
Leona Kadijevic
Elyse Kelly
Olga Makarchuk
Sara Spink

Studio Unknown

Audio engineer
Full English Post