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Short film

Fired Up

On a rainy day in June of 2007, President Obama found himself speaking to a subdued crowd in the tiny town of Greenwood, SC. 

He was exhausted, soaking wet, and beginning to doubt the whole campaign when a voice called out from the back, “Fired up, ready to go!”. 

The chant, started by one unassuming woman in a church hat, transformed the audience and went on to become a rallying cry in every corner of America.

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One voice can change a nation


Made with love, from artists around the world

Directors & Producers
Dan Fipphen
Elyse Kelly

Sequence directors
Emily Eckstein & Ege Alper
Alex Silver
Lynn Tomlinson
The Duke & the Duck
Amy Lee Ketchum
Juan Camilo Gonzalez
Musa Brooker
Miguel Jiron
Sara Spink
Lou Morton
Daniela Sherer

Brooke Blair & Will Blair

Audio post facility
MeanGreen Media

Sound design & Mix
Chris Mastellone